Clubs & Committees

At Lakeridge Falls, our clubs and committees are as varied as the interests of our homeowners. 
Into a good game of cards?  Love to shoot pool?  We have clubs for that!  
Maybe you like reading the various genres of fiction, biographies, autobiographies - so do other members of our Book Club!  
You may even prefer just to be social and simply attend gatherings, BBQs, movie nights and more.  Our Social Activities Committee offers all of that - and it is run by our residents for our residents.  
And since we are all young-at-heart, our Boomers Club promises to offer you laughs, games, and good food - not to mention some awesome music from the 60s, 70s and beyond.
While our committees and committee chairperson(s) are appointed by the Board of Directors since they have a direct impact on all residents, our clubs are actually the brain-children of our homeowners.  
Don’t see a club that you are interested in below?  At Lakeridge Falls our motto is “go for it.”  So feel free to create a whole new club.  You’d be surprised to find so many others with your same interests.  Click here to submit your new club idea.
Think we need a committee for a specific community-wide purpose? Your suggestions are always welcome.  Click here to send that suggestion to the Board of Directors for consideration.
Click here to see the latest Falls Focus Newsletter and look for the latest clubs & committees information. 
Click on any of the below to learn more or to get involved!